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Architectural Sunscreens

With increasing attention to the reduction of the carbon footprint of buildings, thereby lowering energy costs, architects and engineers are incorporating Sun Screens into the design of new buildings and renovated structures. Exeter Architectural Products is excited about our collaboration with some of the finest architectural firms in the country; and we look forward to continued success based on the environmental benefits and design flexibility of our framed perforated panels.

Independent laboratory testing of framed perforated panels (used in the Security Shield and Versa Shield™ product lines) determined the Shading Coefficient to be 0.51, affording an almost 50% reduction in solar heat gain through the protected openings, and thereby promoting a significant energy savings for customers. In addition, the perforated metal deflects much of the sun's damaging ultra violet rays, offering a high level of sun control. Please refer to the Technical Studies on Sun Control link for more information.

The structural integrity of custom engineered, framed perforated panels (used in the Security Shield™ and Versa Shield™ product lines), allow for exciting design options in the development of Architectural Sun Screens. Architectural creativity is also enhanced by the weather resistant, high performance architectural powder coat finish that ensures long lasting beauty in a wide range of standard and custom colors.

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